Резервација карата


Радно вријеме

08.00h - 20.00h

Радно вријеме (субота)

17.00h - 20.00h

Theatre roles:

"DONKEY" YEARS, B. Ćopić, (Mara Zorić)

 PURE WELL OF LOVE, S. Pavček, (Ida)

 GAME CROSSING, F.X. Kroetz, (Hanni)

THE WORKERS' CHRONICLES, P. Mihajlović, (the Female Worker)

VICTOR, OR CHILDREN IN POWER, R. Vitrak, (Thérèse Magneau)

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, William Shakespeare, (Katherine, daughter of Batista)

KITCHEN, Peter Handke and Mladen Materić


Movie roles:


FREEDOM OF WILL, S. Hajduković, Academy of Arts Banja Luka

DO NOT GO OUT TODAY, R. Pandurević, Academy of Arts Banja Luka

THE ENCOUNTER, H. Šimunović, Academy of Arts Banja Luka

FIDELITY, N. Mirković, Academy of Arts Banja Luka

LIKE FATHER, G. Russell, (National film & TV School UK)




- Best supporting actress award at the festival of KOČIĆEVA SRPSKA SCENA 2006 for the role of Mrs. Linde in A DOLL'S HOUSE.