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He enrolled in the Academy of Performing Arts - Department of Acting in Sarajevo in 1991 but he had to leave his studies because of the war. In 1996 he enrolled in the Academy of Arts of Braća Karić in the class of Professor Petar Kralj and Dejan Čavić. He graduated in 2000.
He has been a permanent member of the ensemble of the National Theatre of Republic of Srpska in Banja Luka since 2000.
He has played many stage roles.
He worked on a comedy TV show I Do Not Beg Your Pardon, broadcasted on the RTSR, a total of 43 episodes.
He has made several student movies in Banja Luka and Belgrade.


Edna (Poland)
St. George Shoots the Dragon (Srđan Dragojević)
The Tour (Goran Marković)
32 December (Saša Hajduković)
Some other stories (Ana Marija Rosi)
The Enemy (Dejan Zečević)
The Cannon Was Hot (Boban Skerlić)